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We are back with the 2nd Edition of WOMEN INFLUENCER SUMMIT & AWARDS


05th May, 2021
Virtual Connect
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When one women lifts another, amazing things happen!!

A Platform that represents dynamic, affable & enigmatic women in the Corporate Space. It aims at bringing Women at par with the speed at which Technology is growing. This platform brings together array of powerful Women Leaders & Allies from across industries and Startups as they share their experiences, elucidate the growth strategies, address key concerns & discuss their drive to success.




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Why attend conference

2021: It’s a year of breaking stereotypes & taking up the game of Ambition with power & grace. Join the community that can learn, support & prosper together

The Summit will take you for a deep dive in topics like leadership, technology trends, championing against the odds, product management skills, breaking into the C Suite & a lot more. Every session & talk will command towards inspiring, connecting & guiding the women in tech industry. When one woman lifts another, amazing things happen!!

The year 2020 has expedited tech at least 3 years ahead at a turbo speed. New Technologies have been implemented with brisk plans of getting them on board. What choice did we have……………….Well, that’s how evolutions take place & every evolution has evidenced influential & inspirational Women standing shoulder to shoulder with men.

Join us as we talk about the emerging technologies across industries & departments with women who have shown the way ahead. It will help you notch up your skills, educate you about the latest trends, hone your leadership skills & self-innovate you for being future ready.

What to expect

Listen to the leadership discussions on what makes them the change makers, about the D & I practice and the emerging technologies. The panelist are experts from their industry who will discuss their experiences and knowledge


A Session which will highlight the key inputs by women who have broken the stereotypes and stand shoulder to shoulder in fields which are male dominant.


Women Leadership Influencer Awards honors the extra ordinary contributions made by the Women in Tech Industry. A platform to nominate yourself, your female counterparts/employees or your organization and give wings to the accomplished talent

Don't miss this amazing conference

Meet the experts: CIO’s, CTO’s, CMO’s, CHRO’s, VP/Director/Head/Manager: IT/Marketing/ HR, Innovators, decision makers, business leaders, tech movers & shakers and many more……….

Meet & network with the pioneers, aiders, makers and women of the industry and learn from their experiences
Listen to the experienced women professionals from across industries and the entrepreneurs who have turned their ideas into a successful business as they offer you the current industry insights & scenarios
Explore and navigate through various sessions, connect with like-minded women and build synergies that can grow into ideas and projects. Meet the experts from various organizational backgrounds and let your imagination prosper

Discussion Topics

Women in C Suite; ‘Cracking Codes’ the Way Forward
  • Drive, Resilience & Risk Tolerance; Unfolding the Tactics that work in the real world
  • Walk the talk; Building a collaborative Culture, leading large teams & controlling the company’s biggest moves
  • Balance & development; tuning into Sustainability & Innovation to bring alive the vision of future by filling the gap between expectations & performance, therefore manifesting an organization that is most likely to thrive in the long run
  • Making disruption an opportunity; responding to the economic crisis & setting a stage for business recovery
  • Demonstrating Versatility; setting strategies, shaping the culture, hiring & managing the right team; being the face to board & the external stakeholders and managing own time & growth
  • Getting in the C Suite: building blocks of success, creating better internal process, making fruitful relationships & entering new geographies, setting up a working ecosystem & delivering results, how to reach there
  • Aligning the product/ service strategy with the vision of the organization, how to build an agile planning and measurement customer experience and engagement ecosystem
The World post COVID 19 - Reimagining the Future through Purpose-Driven Inspiration
  • How can future leaders effectively shape the future direction of work and the workforce
  • Think globally, act locally and market strategically: The key to surviving and thriving in today’s customer revolution
  • Unleashing the DNA of success: The success blue print - strategy, process, people & technology
  • How sustainable inspiration drives engagement and key employee performance and business outcomes, especially during times of change and ambiguity
  • Design thinking leader: Your strategy for innovation. Need to make design thinking as a core leadership skill
  • Connecting the customer with your brand: Importance of a brand being connected with your audiences
  • Reimagine Value, Reboot: Where the value is going to be and a road map that will get businesses there
Diversity & Inclusion; Debunking Myths & Orbiting towards a Gender Neutral Perspective
  • Defend against biases & ensure coherence; Moving towards a world that focuses on skills & accomplishments instead of gender
  • Promoting a forward looking agenda; Steps taken or that should be taken by the industry to support women re entrants, are employers doing enough?
  • The best practices that can be included from the start which can lead to maximum retention and a best place to work
  • Diversity = Creativity + Longitivity: Roles a Diversity & Inclusion leader can play in tackling the barriers to success
  • Pivoting Pandemic; Detox, take a Leap & Match the speed of change
  • Steps taken or that should be taken by the industry to support women re entrants, are employers doing enough?
Purpose And People Powered - The Brand + Culture + Employee Experience Imperative
  • How courageous leaders are transforming their entire culture and building powerful brands by activating their employees’ gift for storytelling
  • Revolutionary approaches that spark rapid culture change and focuses your whole organization on solving customers’ problems
  • Specific tips, techniques, and tools to leverage employees to connect with customers in ways that no advertisement can
  • How trends like manipulated outrage, over targeting, and passive loyalty will help inspire you to rethink your marketing efforts and give you a roadmap to win in the future and embrace disruption
  • How to unlock the secret to tapping into the power of your employees to drive deeper engagement and a stronger brand
  • Reaching the distracted customer - How to leverage the distracted state to communicate more effectively
  • How marketers can overcome the barriers, shift cultures and earn a competitive edge using latest technologies
Rockstar’s - Unlocking the Female Catalyst of The Future

Spotlight on Female Leaders - In this session, female leaders share their journeys, best practices, elucidate the growth strategies and key skills that helped them succeed and how to groom the next generation of leaders.

  • Preparing for Leadership: Gaining credibility and getting your voice heard
  • Creating an environment that fosters innovation
  • Automation: Skills we won’t need by 2030 and the ones we will
  • Adopting new ways of working: Can flexible and/or remote working close the gender gap
  • Planning for your next career step: Learning about new roles in the industry
  • Integrating work and home life to fit you and your career aspirations
  • The state of diversity & inclusion: How far have we come in the last decade
  • Do we need to fear the future workplace: How do leaders need to evolve for the future of work
Leveraging the New Normal & Creating Exponential Value through Adaptive & Personalized Technologies
  • Personalization has become a powerful tool with big data, Artificial Intelligence, Chat bot’s & virtual call centers. How to use it to the highest degree?
  • Unleashing the new wave of healthy competition; transforming the product centric organization to an organization with collaborative technologies
  • It's now or never, get it right very fast or you miss the bus. Has real-time approach become a necessity? How are real time technologies aiding a 24/7 performance
  • Cloud, AI, Robotics & Automation: New Technologies transforming the durable & resilient assets to more useful resources
  • Probing the power of data & predictive analytics, UX & CX: how much data mining is ethical & how is it impacting the users
  • Wizards of technology: 5G Network, Drones, Autonomous Driving, 3D Printing and much more….what is the current scenario and how soon will it take over
  • Technology is the fastest changing industry : dealing & going together with the continuous cycle of learning, experiencing, changing & implementing
Transformation in the Brave New Digital World

Enterprise organizations across the globe are reshaping the digital narrative by creating customer journeys that merge elements of in-person experiences with new digital technologies. Leveraging an Omni-channel strategy and comprehensive data analytics to foster a personalized user experience is not only a business-boosting strategy to gain brand recognition in a saturated market, but it is also the new imperative to maintain moments of customer delight in the digital age. What are the unique CX issues impacting users today, and how can transforming designs for the digital journeys of today impact experiences both online and offline in the future? Our Leadership Panel would cover;

  • Changes seen to-date with digital adoption, including web, mobile, and digital services fluctuations, and what they expect will be imperative for future transformation
  • Why and how to place customer delight at the center of all business strategies to create a unified customer experience from brick-and-mortar to web and mobile
  • Strategies to analyze the unique CX issues facing global enterprises from a strategic, financial, organizational, and cultural advantage
  • Best practices in designing a holistic digital journey based on global trends & technologies
  • Comprehensive Omni-channel tactics to get back on the path to recovery in a post-pandemic world
The Big Move’: Tomorrow’s World: Where is the Next Disruption Coming From?
  • New World: How the tech titans and their thinking machines will change humanity
  • Tech ethics: How tech leaders can imagine, design and advise for an ethical future
  • The future enterprise: How leading organizations apply technology to gain insight, empathize with customers and engage employees
  • What is coming? - Social, Business and Technology trends. Securing more than just the edge
  • Commercializing your data, the new gold - How to unlock value and drive increased performance from data and data-driven assets
  • Future contact: Exploring the evolution of interactions - How are the ways in which customers want to communicate with you changing
  • The next generation Y & Z growth master: Leveraging big data & humanizing AI technology to bridge the experience gap
  • From marketing digitalization to fluid experiences - Why understanding your content’s future is the key to success

We need women at all levels, including the top, to change the dynamic, reshape the conversation, to make sure women’s voices are heard and heeded, not overlooked and ignored.

- Sheryl Sandberg, COO, Facebook

Meet our Speakers

IndoStar Capital Finance Ltd.
Digitas India Pvt. Ltd.
Group CHRO
Moët Hennessy (LVMH)
VP, Enterprise Technology Learning - Learning & Insights Team
Director - Innovation, Packaged beverages
Group Technology - Digital Transformation & Group Engagement Lead
Mahindra Group
Head - HRBP, Organization Capability & Development
Max Bupa Health Insurance Co. Ltd.
Indus Towers Ltd.
Quick Heal Technologies Ltd.
Yatra Online Pvt. Ltd.
Kaya Limited
Sr. MD
GE Licensing and Technology Investments
Managing Director, Bangalore
Mashreq Bank
Head - Corporate Technology
BNY Mellon India
National President, PR & Digital Marketing Council
Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Head, Process Transformation & Design, Innovation
Societe Generale Global Solution Centre
CIO, Hindustan Unilever & Head IT - South Asia, Unilever
Director & COO, Consumer Banking India
VP & Head - Human Resources, South East Asia, Oceania & India
Director People Resources
Chief People Officer
Sapphire Foods - Pizza Hut & KFC
Disruptive Innovation
Chief HR Officer & Head CSR
Hero Fincorp
Managing Director, Asia Pacific
Vice President - People & Culture
Dr. Oetker India
Managing Director - India
Sr. Director & Head – Office Leasing Advisory & Retail,Chennai
Head-Landlord Representation,India
JLL India
Programme Director - Enterprise Data Platforms(Data Analytics, Strategy, Governance, & Platforms)
Ashok Leyland
Mentor of Change - Niti Aayog (GOI)
Chief HR Officer
Godrej Housing Finance & Godrej Fund Management
Head - Global Data & Analytics
HSBC Asset Management
Technology Director
Executive Director, Client Services
Landor & Fitch
Head - Innovations, AMEA
SVP, Product, Analytics & Modelling, Public Affairs
Wells Fargo
Deputy Director - Information Technology
Applied Materials
Vice President, Analytics
Accenture Analytics
Director IT – SAP & Legacy Systems
Eaton Corporation
Senior Vice President - CX Head
Hansa Research
Marico Innovation Foundation


The awards will recognize individuals and companies that have shown commitment to promoting women in the workforce in order to encourage greater gender equality and drive stronger business. It will recognize corporations and organizations that have moved women into top executive positions and created a culture that identifies, promotes and nurtures successful women.

It will also accord women who are change makers, pioneers across industries and the women who are innovators of technology.


  • Women Influencer CIO/CTO/CMO/CHRO/CXO/CDO/COO of the year
  • Women Influencer Rising CIO/CTO/CMO/CHRO/CXO/CDO/COO of the year
  • Women Influencer Entrepreneur of the year
  • Women Influencer Leader/ Innovator/ Disruptor of the year
  • Women Influencer Rising Star of the year (Age 28 to 35 years)
  • Global Women Influencer of the year
  • Women Influencer Personality of the year
  • Women Influencer Business Woman of the year


  • Best Company for Advancement of Women
  • Best Company with Reforms to promote Gender Equality
  • Best Place with flexible work policies
  • Best Company to work for “Working Moms”
To Nominate:
Drop us a mail at or call on +91 9619200920
Download Nomination Details & Process

Jury Members

Anchal Arora
Ms. Anchal Arora
Director - Strategic Growth & Partnerships
Microsoft India
Nischala Murthy Kaushik
Ms. Nischala Murthy Kaushik
Chief Storyteller & VP
HFS Research
Renu Muralidharan
Ms. Renu Muralidharan
Diversity Consultant
Ex. JP Morgan
Rashmi Mandloi
Ms. Rashmi Mandloi
Managing Partner & Head - D&I Practice & Research
BeyonDiversity Foundation
Subhalakshmi Ganguly
Ms. Subhalakshmi Ganguly
Head - Global Sales Compensation & Asia Pacific Rewards
Madhumita Mitra
Ms. Madhumita Mitra
Global Head - Employee Engagement, Group HR, Talent & OD
A.P. Moller – Maersk
Richa Pathak Dogra
Ms. Richa Pathak Dogra
Director - People Technology
Fortune 500 Co.
Richa Pathak Dogra
Ms. Meenakshi Ganju
Chief People Officer, EasyDay (Small Formats)
A Future Group Co.
Radhika Saigal
Ms. Radhika Saigal
Meeta Bedi
Ms. Meeta Bedi
Director - HR
Wipro Limited
Ritu Madbhavi
Ms. Ritu Madbhavi
FCB Ulka Advertising

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Market Impact

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  • Getting overlooked as their brand lacks market awareness and recognition
  • Striving to compete with well-known and established players
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  • Keen to build brand credibility and solution awareness as a new market entrant or less known provider
Business Development &
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We work with solution providers and consultants who are:

  • New market entrants and lack a solid contact base within the industry / region
  • Looking to open new doors within existing clients or prospect accounts
  • Struggling to access and engage key members of a complex decision-making unit
  • Wanting to qualify sales prospects and convert the best opportunities

Be an integral part of this virtual connect & interact with the efficient women leaders of the industry.


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