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MARCH, 2022


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Automate Everything with the Power of Data, AI / ML, Cloud & InfoSec

The old way of working is over and has given way to new approach. The pandemic has made it crystal clear. In order to stay competitive, companies need to transform to a special normal. You're at the forefront of this technology transformation which can be driven by three major shifts: modernization of critical workloads, the orchestration of applications flexibly across environments, and the growing use of operational AI and edge applications - be it Cloud, AI/ML, Automation, Cybersecurity or game-changing technology.

Leading companies are aligning their business transformation efforts with the adoption of cloud platforms. This next-gen business model helps organizations become more agile and adaptable - which could also be a top priority within the post-pandemic environment. The future of your business rides on the decisions you’re making today, leveraging Data, Cloud, AI & ML, Automation, Security to create entirely new client experiences, adapt at speed, and reinvent industry business models.

During the conclave, the latest developments in cutting-edge technologies -- Data, Cloud, AI & ML, Automation, Security -- are shared in inspiring keynotes, panel discussions, fireside chat sessions with experts, demos and more. Hear from the power-packed line of national speakers to discover new ideas and new possibilities at the Momentum CXO Conclave & Awards who will share strategies and key technologies that help organizations adapt, strengthen and operate in today’s environment, with the goal of accelerating and boosting business.

What's in store for you at Momentum CXO Conclave?

Hear from though leaders on ways to formulate strategy that encompasses organizational culture and skills to align with business priorities and outcomes and leverage key data and analytics, cloud, security and AI trends. Gain insights into the best and next practices to drive real business value and deliver innovation.

Momentum CXO Conclave will host Industry Stalwarts, Next-Gen Brands, Cloud, Data & AI evangelists, to discover and discuss the influence of Data Analytics, AI and Cloud on Customer & Enterprise segments, digital transformation prospects and development platforms.


Gain industry insight through presentations and use cases by industry experts


Connect with experts and influencers from established enterprises and leading technology companies


See how technologies are creating amazing breakthroughs in important fields of your interest


Quick and seamless networking opportunities with attendees and thought leaders through virtual meet & chat option

08.30 am – 09.30 am
Registration & Networking
09.30 am – 09.35 am
Welcome Note
09.35 am – 10.35 am
Opening Leadership Panel
Theme: CXO Leadership Panel: Tech, Innovation and Impact on Future
  • AI, robotics, machine learning and the future of design: How industries (healthcare, retail, agriculture, banking, insurance, etc) can avoid the pitfalls to ensure a successful deeptech-driven transformation.
  • How SAAS and new cloud-based technologies can reduce the chaos in collaboration and work management in order to build a thriving workforce
  • Solving uncertain and variable supply and demand in the market through data analytics
  • What it takes to build a Security-first customer-acquisition mindset
  • Evaluate the insight in what the new consumer will look like, what industry trends we’re seeing and how insight is now re-imagined
  • New technologies and innovations paving the way for plant and factory floors, smart supply chains, and advanced robotics to supercharge growth and efficiency in manufacturing
  • Key strategies and implementation techniques that will ultimately make it far easier to migrate to next generation business solutions
10.35 am – 11.35 am
Panel Discussion
Theme: Responsible AI: Putting AI at the Core of an Organizations Business and Operating Models
  • Developing an effective AI blueprint for the enterprise - What, why and how
  • Infinite opportunities from infinite data - Tapping the power of AI
  • Conversational AI - Driving the future of brand-customer engagement
  • Accelerating digital transformation using artificial intelligence, data analytics, and hybrid cloud in a post pandemic world
  • Automation vs. Augmentation - Embracing what AI applications can do for and with humans in organizations and societies
  • Digital agility to digital resilience: How AI is impacting the future of work
11.35 am – 11.50 am
Tea / Coffee & Networking Break
11.50 am – 12.50 pm
Panel Discussion
Theme: Digital World Crafted by Cloud

Cloud has dramatically changed the digital landscape of organizations around the world, driving the creation of diverse and distributed ecosystems, and enabling rapid advances in digital transformation and innovation.

  • Getting ready for digital experiences. How have big brands adapted to this transformation
  • So what’s next? And what does this mean for digital trust? how can brands build digital trust and customer loyalty
  • Security and visibility in an accelerated digital journey
  • Adapting security to the cloud era
  • What about the people and process transformation with the cloud
  • Delivering resilient security and connectivity – at scale, in the cloud
  • Latest cloud computing technologies and trends that will enable digital business
  • Cloud Governance: Future of data centres transforming the digital landscape
  • Revitalizing Business: Using multiple cloud deployments to achieve digital transformation
  • Iaas, Saas, Paas, Faas, Daas: how to find the right cloud solutions for your business needs
12.50 pm – 01.45 pm
Lunch & Networking Break
01.45 pm – 02.45 pm
Panel Discussion
Theme: Cybersecurity for the Future: Balancing Technology Intelligence with Human Intelligence
  • Evaluating state-of-the-art security technology systems and tools to react to new threat scenarios in a hyper-connected cyber world
  • How are business imperatives such as mobility, blockchain, cloud and IoT impacting information security in an enterprise
  • What best practices should CISOs adopt to balance business growth and security threats arising from new technology models
  • How is a shift in the threat landscape forcing security vendors to make a shift in their solutions and strategies
  • New security paradigm for the new world of cloud : Shifting time, techniques and tools
  • With blockchain, what comes first - Opportunity or threat? how are you using blockchain to reimagine your organization
  • The 2025 CISO agenda - Creating a secure system that is ready for anything to drive business model transformation
02.45 pm – 03.45 pm
Panel Discussion
Theme: Evolving Business Models against the Backdrop of Disruptive Technologies: Driving Customer Experience Strategies through Technology

CIOs have been helping their executive teams drive customer experience strategy with technology for years. With the advent of AI, IoT, and process mining technologies, new insights can be generated to determine the C-Suite strategy for improving customer experience and growing the bottom line. In the post-pandemic world:

  • How can these technology tools help formulate your strategy for better customer experience, employee satisfaction, and operational efficiency, so that your organization can achieve sustained success?
  • Future contact: Exploring the evolution of interactions - How are the ways in which customers want to communicate with you changing
  • Integrating new technologies whilst retaining the human touch to consistently offer streamlined & seamless customer journeys
  • Strategies in combining digital and human transformation to gain competitive advantage in your CX strategy
  • AI-powered conversational commerce: Engaging your customers across the entire customer lifecycle
  • Top technology trends in data, analytics & insights driving transformation across big, medium and small-scale organizations
03.45 pm – 04.00 pm
Tea / Coffee & Networking Break
04.00 pm – 05.00 pm
Panel Discussion
Theme: Securing the New Normal: How to Protect your Cloud, Workforce and Assets in the Post Pandemic World

Facing the first and second waves of the Covid19 pandemic, businesses have set urgent solutions like suitable remote working systems. But as it largely admitted that the crisis will last long, CIOs are seeing many more challenges on the horizon. This roundtable will enable a practical discussion on the potential impact of the post pandemic world, more specifically:

  • How are data, AI, IoT and cloud technologies helping build agility and resilience for a future-proof organisation
  • Future-proof your business with mastering security and compliance in your multi-cloud journey
  • Reinventing your data protection strategy in the work from home era
  • Economy, talent, cyber or something else: Where do our greatest future risks lie and how prepared are we for them
  • Issues with cloud architectures and discuss ways to achieve visibility, compliance and security
  • Adaptive Security: Protecting your organization against ransomware attacks in the new normal and beyond
  • How are progressive companies leveraging the cloud, a powerful business enabler to transform their business and make it more competitive
05.00 pm – 06.00 pm
Fireside Chat
Theme: Smart Beyond 2021: Our Data Future

Our future world will rely on ubiquitous digital connectivity, connecting with a myriad of devices, sensors and autonomous applications. This creates the fundamental enabler for Future Smart Services for homes, factories, cities, and even smart governments. These in turn rely on sharing of large volumes of often personal data between individuals and organizations, or between individuals and governments. With the multidimensional flows of rich data, the challenge is to reframe our concepts of privacy, consent and minimizing potential harms. Fundamentally creating trusted frameworks for data sharing and use. A far from simple task. This discussion will explore some future framing, some emerging challenges and current efforts to address these challenges.


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Momentum Leadership Awards
Award Categories
Data Categories
  • Best Use of Data Analytics in Business Intelligence
  • Best Use of Data Analytics in Predictive Modelling
  • Best Use of Data in Marketing Analytics
  • Best Use of Data in Workforce Analytics
  • Best Use of Data & Insights in a Transformation Project
  • Most Innovative Use of Data in the Cloud
Security Categories
  • Enterprise Cloud Security Solution
  • Overall ID Management Solution
  • Overall Web Security Solution
  • Email Security Software Solution
  • Innovative Security Product of the Year
  • Security Innovation of the Year
Cloud Categories
  • Best Cloud Infrastructure
  • Best in Mobile Cloud Solution
  • Best in Hybrid Cloud Solution
  • Best Cloud Automation Solution
  • Best Open Source Cloud Solution
  • Best Environmental or 'Green' Use of the Cloud
  • Cloud Innovator of the Year
  • Most Innovative Technology Initiative
  • Best Place to Work in IT
  • Organisational Response to the Pandemic
  • Business Innovation – Covid Response
  • Best In Future of People Focused Workplace Design
  • Special Award for Digital Resiliency
Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • AI/Automation Technology Service Provider
  • Best Use of Conversational AI
  • Best Use of Predictive AI Analytics
  • Best AI Application
To Nominate - Get In Touch With
  • Swapnil Jadhav
    9619680627 |
  • Ashwin Pillai
    9987197555 |

Jury Members
Sandeep Gupta
Sandeep Gupta
Chief Digital & Information Officer, Cairn Oil & Gas
Vedanta Ltd.
Francis Rodrigues
Francis Rodrigues
SVP - E-Commerce & Digital Marketing
HDFC Life Insurance Co. Ltd.
Rajeev Taneja
Rajeev Taneja
Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India Pvt. Ltd.
Chander Khanduja
Chander Khanduja
Luminous Power Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Rajeev Gupta
Rajeev Gupta
Group CIO
Airone Aviation Group
V Ranganathan Iyer
V Ranganathan Iyer
Group CIO & EVP - IT
JBM Group
Deependra Singh
Deependra Singh
VP - BI & Analytics
Junglee Games
Ganesh Ramachandran
Ganesh Ramachandran
Global CIO
Alkem Laboratories Ltd.

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